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SRE-DISC.2018/01 Andreas Novy: Illusionen grenzenloser Globalisierung, 2018 free download
SRE-DISC.2017/08 Franz Tödtling, Alexander Auer: Knowledge bases, innovation and multi-scalar relationships - Which kind of territorial boundedness of industrial clusters?, 2017 free download
SRE-DISC.2017/07 Wolfgang Fellner, Benedikt Goehmann: Human Needs and the Measurement of Welfare, 2017 free download
SRE-DISC.2017/06 Heidi Leonhardt, Maria Jutschen, Clive L. Spash: To Grow or Not to Grow? That is the Question: Lessons for Social Ecological Transformation from Small-Medium Enterprises, 2017 free download
SRE-DISC.2017/05 Andreas Novy: Transformative Social Innovation, 2017 free download
SRE-DISC.2017/04 Clive L. Spash, Karin Dobernig: Theories of (Un)sustainable Consumption, 2017 free download
SRE-DISC.2017/03 Ann Hartell: Performance Measures and the Uncertainties of Planning: Current Practice at Transportation Planning Organizations, 2017 free download
SRE-DISC.2017/02 Clive L. Spash: The Need for and Meaning of Social Ecological Economics, 2017 free download
SRE-DISC.2017/01 Clive L. Spash: Environmental Values in Conservation: Ethics, Economics and Pragmatism, 2017 free download
SRE-DISC.2016/05 Arne Isaksen, Franz Tödtling, Michaela Trippl: Innovation policies for regional structural change: Combining actor-based and system-based strategies, 2016 free download
SRE-DISC.2016/04 Clive L. Spash, Hendrik Theine: Voluntary Individual Carbon Trading, 2016 free download
SRE-DISC.2016/03 Franz Tödtling, Tanja Sinozic, Alexander Auer: Knowledge bases, multi-scale interaction and transformation of the Vienna medical cluster, 2016 free download
SRE-DISC.2016/02 Clive L. Spash, Clemens Gattringer: The Economics and Ethics of Human Induced Climate Change, 2016 free download
SRE-DISC.2016/01 Clive L. Spash: The Paris Agreement to Ignore Reality, 2016 free download
SRE-DISC.2015/07 Ann Hartell: Sprawl and Commuting: Exploring New Measures of United States Metro Regions, 2015 free download
SRE-DISC.2015/06 Ann Hartell: Contextualizing Location Affordability: Urban Sprawl and Foreclosure, 2015 free download
SRE-DISC.2015/05 Wolfgang Fellner, Stefan Humer, Roman Seidl, Thomas Sonnleitner: Zeitverwendung und Lebensqualität in Wien, 2015 free download
SRE-DISC.2015/04 Tanja Sinozic, Mete Basar Baypinar, Edward M. Bergman, Miklos Hornyak, Ferenc Kruzslicz, Attila Varga: A Policy Research Method Case-Study: Generating and Extracting Evidence-based Policy Inferences from a large EC Framework Programme Project, 2015 free download
SRE-DISC.2015/03 Andreas Novy: A Good Life for all - A European development model, 2015 free download
SRE-DISC.2015/02 Andreas Novy: Die gegenwärtige Krise, 2015 free download
SRE-DISC.2015/01 Clive L. Spash: Bulldozing Biodiversity: The Economics of Optimal Extinction, 2015 free download
SRE-DISC.2014/08 Alexander Auer, Franz Tödtling: Driving factors and spatial scales for cluster development - The case of environmental technologies in Upper Austria, 2014 free download
SRE-DISC.2014/07 Franz Tödtling, Markus Grillitsch: Does combinatorial knowledge lead to a better innovation performance of firms?, 2014 free download
SRE-DISC.2014/06 Franz Tödtling, Alexander Auer, Tanja Sinozic: Driving factors for cluster development - Which kind of spatial rootedness and change?, 2014 free download
SRE-DISC.2014/05 Clive L. Spash, Iulie Aslaksen: Re-establishing an Ecological Discourse in the Policy Debate over How to Value Ecosystems and Biodiversity, 2014 free download
SRE-DISC.2014/04 Clive L. Spash: Better Growth, Helping the Paris COP-out? Fallacies and Omissions of the New Climate Economy Report, 2014 free download
SRE-DISC.2014/03 Clive L. Spash: The Politics of Researching Carbon Trading in Australia, 2014 free download
SRE-DISC.2014/02 Wolfgang Fellner, Clive L. Spash: The Illusion of Consumer Sovereignity in Economic and Neoliberal Thought, 2014 free download
SRE-DISC.2014/01 Tanja Sinozic, Franz Tödtling: Adaptation and change in creative clusters: Findings from Vienna's New Media sector, 2014 free download
SRE-DISC.2013/03 Ann Hartell: Path dependence in economic theory and research, 2013 free download
SRE-DISC.2013/02 Clive L. Spash: The Ecological Economics of Boulding's Spaceship Earth, 2013 free download
SRE-DISC.2013/01 Clive L. Spash: The Shallow or the Deep Ecological Economics Movement?, 2013 free download
SRE-DISC.2012/09 Tanja Sinozic: SEARCH Project Delphi, 2012 free download
SRE-DISC.2012/08 Wolfgang Fellner, Roman Seidl: The Relative Importance of Time and Money for Consumer Behavior and Prosperity, 2012 free download
SRE-DISC.2012/07 Christoph Höglinger, Tanja Sinozic, Franz Tödtling: Emergence, growth and transformation in local clusters - Environmental industries in the region of Upper Austria, 2012 free download
SRE-DISC.2012/06 Armon Rezai, Lance Taylor, Reinhard Mechler: Ecological Macroeconomics: An application to climate change, 2012 free download
SRE-DISC.2012/05 Clive L. Spash, Iulie Aslaksen: Re-establishing an Ecological Discourse in the Debate over the Value of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, 2012 free download
SRE-DISC.2012/04 Clive L. Spash: Towards the integration of social, economic and ecological knowledge, 2012 free download
SRE-DISC.2012/03 Clive L. Spash: Ecological Economics and Philosophy of Science: Ontology, Epistemology, Methodology and Ideology, 2012 free download
SRE-DISC.2012/02 Sabine Sedlacek, Gunther Maier: Green Building Councils: Their Economic Role as Governance Institutions, 2012 free download
SRE-DISC.2012/01 Gunther Maier, Michaela Trippl: The Pitfalls and Booby Traps of Cluster Policy, 2012 free download
SRE-DISC.2011/05 Franz Tödtling, Markus Grillitsch, Christoph Höglinger: Competencies of firms, external knowledge sourcing and types of innovation in regions of Europe, 2011 free download
SRE-DISC.2011/04 Julia Lechner: Urban CGE Modeling: An Introduction, 2011 free download
SRE-DISC.2011/03 Gunther Maier: Immobilienbewertung - theoretische Konzepte und praktische Anwendungen, 2011 free download
SRE-DISC.2011/02 Richard Lang, Andreas Novy: Housing Cooperatives and Social Capital: The Case of Vienna, 2011 free download
SRE-DISC.2011/01 Bernhard Leubolt: Staat und politische Ökonomie in Brasilien, 2011 free download
SRE-DISC.2010/05 Shanaka Herath: The Size of the Government and Economic Growth: An Empirical Study of Sri Lanka, 2010 free download
SRE-DISC.2010/04 Karl-Johan Lundquist, Lars-Olof Olander: Growth cycles: transformation and regional development, 2010 free download
SRE-DISC.2010/03 Shanaka Herath, Gunther Maier: The Hedonic Price Method in Real Estate and Housing Market Research: A Review of the Literature, 2010 free download
SRE-DISC.2010/02 Michaela Trippl: Low_Tech Innovation in a High-Tech Environment? The Case of the Food Industry in the Vienna Metropolitan Region, 2010 free download
SRE-DISC.2010/01 Christian Reiner: Which policy options for Europe in the global competition for talent? Brain competition policy as a new breed of locational policy with positive externalities, 2010 free download
SRE-DISC.2009/08 Shanaka Herath: The Size of the Government and Economic Growth: An Empirical Study of Sri Lanka, 2009 free download
SRE-DISC.2009/07 Gunther Maier, Shanaka Herath: Real Estate Market Efficiency: A Survey of Literature, 2009 free download
SRE-DISC.2009/06 Michaela Trippl: Islands of Innovation and Internationally Networked Labor Markets: Magnetic Centers for Star Scientists?, 2009 free download
SRE-DISC.2009/05 Karl-Johan Lundquist, Michaela Trippl: Towards Cross-Border Innovation Spaces: A theoretical analysis and empirical comparison of the Öresund region and the Centrope area, 2009 free download
SRE-DISC.2009/04 Eva Nussmüller, Lukas Lengauer, Franz Tödtling: Motives and influencing factors of corporate regional engagement: industry and company specific patterns, 2009 free download
SRE-DISC.2009/03 Julia Lechner, Gunther Maier: Sprawl or No Sprawl? - A Quantitative Analysis for the City of Vienna, 2009 free download
SRE-DISC.2009/02 Franz Tödtling, Michaela Trippl: Innovation and Knowledge Links in Metropolitan Regions - The Case of Vienna, 2009 free download
SRE-DISC.2009/01 Andreas Novy, Barbara Beinstein: Transdisciplinarity and Social Innovation Research, 2009 free download
SRE-DISC.2008/08 Andreas Novy, Lukas Lengauer, Daniela Coimbra de Souza: Vienna in an emerging trans-border region: Socioeconomic development in Central Europe, 2008 free download
SRE-DISC.2008/07 Andreas Novy, Lukas Lengauer: Analysing Development to Shape the Future, 2008 free download
SRE-DISC.2008/06 Michal Gluszak: Land Acquisition in Development Projects: Investment Value and Risk, 2008 free download
SRE-DISC.2008/05 Franz Tödtling, Michaela Trippl, Lukas Lengauer: Towards Regional Knowledge Economies: Routes and Policy Options, 2008 free download
SRE-DISC.2008/04 Lukas Lengauer, Eva Nussmüller, Michaela Trippl, Franz Tödtling: Innovation and Knowledge Sourcing in the Vienna ICT Manufacturing Sector, 2008 free download
SRE-DISC.2008/03 Karl-Johan Lundquist, Lars-Olof Olander, Martin Svensson Henning: Creative destruction and economic welfare in Swedish regions: Spatial dimensions of structural change, growth and employment, 2008 free download
SRE-DISC.2008/02 Gunther Maier, Alexander Kaufmann, Michael Vyborny: Is Regional Science a Scientific Discipline? Answers from a Citation Based Social Network Analysis, 2008 free download
SRE-DISC.2008/01 Franz Tödtling, Patrick Lehner, Alexander Kaufmann: Do Different Types of Innovation Rely on Specific Kinds of Knowledge Interactions?, 2008 free download
SRE-DISC.2007/07 Michaela Trippl, Franz Tödtling, Lukas Lengauer: The Vienna software cluster: Local buzz without global pipelines?, 2007 free download
SRE-DISC.2007/06 Ronald Kauper, René Steinbauer: Regionalprofil der Region "Wien - Bratislava", 2007 free download
SRE-DISC.2007/05 Edward M. Bergman, Gunther Maier, Patrick Lehner: Banning the Bahn: Transport Infrastructure Effects on Austrian Cluster Firms, 2007 free download
SRE-DISC.2007/04 Edward M. Bergman: Cluster Life-Cycles: An Emerging Synthesis, 2007 free download
SRE-DISC.2007/03 Bernhard Kurka, Gunther Maier, Sabine Sedlacek: Breaking the vicious cycle in peripheral rural regions: the case of "Waldviertler Wohlviertel" in Austria , 2007 free download
SRE-DISC.2007/02 Michaela Trippl, Lukas Lengauer, Franz Tödtling: Innovation und Wissensnetze im Wiener Informations- und Kommunikationtechnologiecluster, 2007 free download
SRE-DISC.2007/01 Michaela Trippl, Gunther Maier: Knowledge Spillover Agents and Regional Development, 2007 free download
SRE-DISC.2006/08 Gunther Maier, Jouke van Dijk: Co-authorship in Regional Science: A Network Approach, 2006 free download
SRE-DISC.2006/07 Michaela Trippl, Franz Tödtling: From the ivory tower to the market place? The changing role of knowledge organisations in spurring the development of biotechnology clusters in Austria, 2006 free download
SRE-DISC.2006/06 Lukas Lengauer, Franz Tödtling, Michaela Trippl: Der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien-Sektor in Österreich: Struktur, Entwicklungsdynamik und räumliche Muster, 2006 free download
SRE-DISC.2006/05 Michaela Trippl: Cross-Border Regional Innovation Systems, 2006 free download
SRE-DISC.2006/04 Herta Andiel, Carmen Cayuelas Franco: José Martís Denken über Wirtschaft, 2006 free download
SRE-DISC.2006/03 Gunther Maier: Product Differentiation or Spatial Monopoly? The Market Areas of Austrian Universities in Business Education, 2006 free download
SRE-DISC.2006/02 Franz Tödtling, Michaela Trippl, Joshua von Gabain: Clusterentwicklung und -politik im Biotechnologiesektor Wien im Kontext internationaler Erfahrungen, 2006 free download
SRE-DISC.2006/01 Michaela Trippl, Joshua von Gabain, Franz Tödtling: Policy agents as catalysts of knowledge links in the biotechnology sector, 2006 free download
SRE-DISC.2005/06 Edward M. Bergman: Sustainability of Clusters and Regions at Austria's Accession Edge, 2005 free download
SRE-DISC.2005/05 Andreas Novy: Wege zur Befreiung: Option für die Armen und Volksbildung, 2005 free download
SRE-DISC.2005/04 Gunther Maier, Michael Vyborny: Internal migration between US-states - A Social Network Analysis, 2005 free download
SRE-DISC.2005/03 Gunther Maier: What do WE think are the most important journals in regional science?, 2005 free download
SRE-DISC.2005/02 Lukas Lengauer: Die Gemeindeebene im österreichischen Bundesstaat, 2005 free download
SRE-DISC.2005/01 Andreas Novy: Didaktische Anregungen der Befreiungspädagogik Paulo Freires für die Entwicklungsforschung, 2005 free download
SRE-DISC.2004/06 Lukas Lengauer: Sozioökonomische Veränderungen in der Vienna Region 1971-2001 - Ausgewählte Ergebnisse, 2004 free download
SRE-DISC.2004/05 Ana Silvia Vilker: La crisis Argentinia. Causas y fundamentos, 2004 free download
SRE-DISC.2004/04 Andreas Novy: Entwicklungsforschung als Beitrag zu einer anderen Welt, 2004 free download
SRE-DISC.2004/03 Andreas Novy, Bernhard Leubolt: Das Partizipative Budget in Porto Alegre: Die Dialektik von staatlichen und nicht-staatlichen Formen sozialer Innovation, 2004 free download
SRE-DISC.2004/02 Franz Tödtling, Patrick Lehner, Michaela Trippl: Knowledge intensive industries, networks, and collective learning, 2004 free download
SRE-DISC.2004/01 Franz Tödtling, Michaela Trippl: One size fits all? Towards a differentiated policy approach with respect to regional innovation systems, 2004 free download
SRE-DISC.2003/02 Gunther Maier: The Market Areas of Austrian Universities, 2003 free download
SRE-DISC.2003/01 Andreas Novy: Sozialräumliche Polarisierung: Raum, Macht und Staat, 2003 free download
SRE-DISC.2002/03 Ana Silvia Vilker: Resultados de la comparación de la Encuesta Nacional de Gastos de los Hogares (ENGH) 1996-1997 de Argentina y la Encuesta de Gastos 1993-1994 (Konsumerhebung) de Austria, 2002 free download
SRE-DISC.2002/02 Ana Silvia Vilker: Descripción y comparación de las metodologías de la Encuesta Nacional de Gastos de los Hogares 1996/97 de Argentina y la Encuesta de Gastos 1993/94 de Austria, 2002 free download
SRE-DISC.2002/01 Andreas Novy: Die Methodologie interpretativer Sozialforschung, 2002 free download
SRE-DISC.2001/01 Patrick Lehner, Gunther Maier: Does Space Finally Matter? The Position of New Economic Geography in Economic Journals, 2001 free download
SRE-DISC.2000/05 Joachim Becker, Werner G. Raza: Theory of Regulation and Political Ecology: An Inevitable Separation?, 2000 free download
SRE-DISC.2000/04 Andreas Novy: Unmasking Globalisation: From Rhetoric to Political Economy - The Case of Brazil, 2000 free download
SRE-DISC.2000/03 Joachim Becker: Gegen den Strom: Alternative Kommunalpolitik im Cono Sur, 2000 free download
SRE-DISC.2000/02 Johannes Jäger: Soziale Auswirkungen, Ursachen und Funktionsweise des neoliberalen wirtschafts- und sozialpolitischen Modells in Lateinamerika, 2000 free download
SRE-DISC.2000/01 Werner G. Raza: Recht auf Umwelt oder Umwelt ohne Recht? Zu den Auswirkungen des neoliberalen Modells auf Umwelt und Gesellschaft in Lateinamerika - eine Einführung, 2000 free download
SRE-DISC.76 Alexander Kaufmann, Franz Tödtling: SME Innovation and Support in Upper Austria, 1999 free download
SRE-DISC.75 Andreas Novy, Christof Parnreiter, Karin Fischer: Globalisierung und Peripherie, 1999 free download
SRE-DISC.74 Werner G. Raza: Politische Ökonomie und Natur im Kapitalismus Versuch der Synthese eines antagonistischen Verhältnisses, 1999 free download
SRE-DISC.73 Andreas Novy, Christine Mattl: Globalisierung als diskursive Strategie und Struktur Das Beispiel Brasilien, 1999 free download
SRE-DISC.72 Andreas Novy, Ana C. Fernandes: Krise als Normalzustand? Kleine und große politökonomische Veränderungen in Brasilien, 1999 free download
SRE-DISC.71 Johannes Jäger: El rol de la renta de la tierra en la economía urbana e implicaciones para las políticas locales en Montevideo, 1999 free download
SRE-DISC.70 Joachim Becker, Werner G. Raza: Great Crisis or Permanent Crisis? Some reflections on a comparative periodisation of Austria and Uruguay, 1999 free download
SRE-DISC.69 Joachim Becker, Andreas Novy, Vanessa Redak: Austria between West and East, 1999 free download
SRE-DISC.68 Joachim Becker, Andreas Novy: Chancen und Grenzen alternativer Kommunalpolitik in Wien - ein historischer Überblick, 1999 free download
SRE-DISC.67 Johannes Jäger: Pionier der Globalisierung: Chile, 1999 free download
SRE-DISC.66 Joachim Becker, Andreas Novy: Divergence and convergence of national and local regulation: the case of Austria and Vienna, 1999 free download
SRE-DISC.65 Edward M. Bergman, Patrick Lehner: Industrial cluster formation in European regions: U.S. cluster templates and Austrian evidence, 1998 free download
SRE-DISC.64 Edward M. Bergman, Patrick Lehner: Industrial Cluster Learning Platforms: Methodology and Case Studies Of Four Local Austrian Industry Clusters, 1998 free download
SRE-DISC.63 Gunther Maier: History, Spatial Structure, and Regional Growth: Lessons for Policy Making, 1998 free download
SRE-DISC.62 Joachim Becker: Regionale Integration und Regulation: EU und Mercosur im Vergleich, 1998 free download
SRE-DISC.61 Andreas Novy, Joachim Becker: Da desviação ofensiva à desviação defensiva: o governo local em Viena/Austria de 1867 a 1997, 1998 free download
SRE-DISC.60 Johannes Jäger: Die Privatisierung des Pensionssystems in Lateinamerika: Ursachen und Folgen des Experiments in Chile, 1998 free download
SRE-DISC.59 Andreas Novy, Ana C. Fernandes: A real supremacia do dinheiro do Plano Real brasileiro, 1998 free download
SRE-DISC.58 Gunther Maier, Alexander Kaufmann: The Development of Computer Networks: First Results from a Microeconomic Model, 1998 free download
SRE-DISC.57 Andreas Novy: Raum-Macht: Eine vergessene Kategorie der Weltstadtforschung, 1998 free download
SRE-DISC.56 Franz Tödtling, Alexander Kaufmann, Sabine Sedlacek: The State of a Regional Innovation System in Styria: Conclusions and Policy Proposals, 1998 free download
SRE-DISC. 56a Michael Hähnle: R&D Collaboration between CERN and Industrial Companies: Organizational and Spatial Aspects, 1998 free download
SRE-DISC. 55 (Research Report) Edward Bergman, Edward Feser, Stuart Sweeney: Targeting North Carolina Manufacturing: Understanding A State Economy Through National Industrial Cluster Analysis, 1998 free download
IIR-DISC. 54 : Becker Joachim, Andreas Novy, Territorial Regulation and the Vienna Region: a historical-geographical overview, 1996 free download
IIR-DISC. 53 : Franz Tödtling, Firm Strategies and Restructuring in a Globalising Economy, 1995 free download
IIR-DISC. 52 : Andreas Novy, "What about organizations in regional science?" Organisationsbezogene Elemente der Stadt- und Regionalentwicklungstheorie, 1995 free download
IIR-DISC. 51 : Andreas Birner, Hermann Fried, Andreas Novy, Walter B. Stöhr, Local Development Initiatives - an Intercultural Comparison: Life Strategies and Global Structural Change, 1995 free download
IIR-DISC. 50: Edward J. Malecki, Franz Tödtling, The New Flexible Economy: Shaping Regional and Local Institutions for Global Competition, 1994 *)
IIR-DISC. 49 Franz Tödtling, Regional Networks of High-Technology Firms - The Case of the Greater Boston Region, 1993 free download
IIR-DISC. 48: Ewan Sutherland, Silicon Glenn; a technological Brigadoon? an analysis of the electronics and IT industries in Scotland, 1993 free download
IIR-DISC. 47: Gunther Maier, Andreas Wildberger, Wide Area Networks and Regional Science: Recent Developments and Future Prospects, 1992 free download
IIR-DISC. 46: Franz Tödtling, The Uneven Landscape of Innovation Poles: Local Embeddedness and Global Networks, 1992  free download
IIR-DISC. 45: Walter B. Stöhr, Richard Pöninghaus, The Effect of New Technology and Organizational Infrastructure on Urban and Regional Development: The Case of the Japanese Technopolis Policy, 1991 free download
IIR-DISC. 44: Richard N.L. Andrews, The Environment: Why should Business Schools Care? (And how should they respond if they do?), 1990 free download
IIR-DISC. 43: Peter Roberts, The Origins and Recent Experience of Public-Private Partnership in Local Economic Development in the United Kingdom, 1990 free download
IIR-DISC. 42: Herwig Palme, Das neue weltwirtschaftliche Entwicklungsmodell und die Rolle des geographischen Raumes, 1989 free download
IIR-DISC. 41: Michael I. Luger, Harvey A. Goldstein, Research (Science) Parks as Public Investment: A Critical Assessment, 1989 free download
IIR-DISC. 40: Franz Tödtling, Regional Differences and Determinants of Entrepreneurial Innovation - Empirical Results from an Austrian Case Study, 1989
IIR-DISC. 39: Gunther Maier, The Estimation of Discrete Choice Models by use of the SAS Procedures Bdels by use of the SAS Procedures BPORBIT and MNLOGIT, 1989
IIR-DISC. 38: Hannes Hoffmann, Umweltfolgen des Straßenverkehrs, 1988 free download
IIR-DISC. 37: Walter B. Stöhr, On the Theory and Practice of Local Development in Europe, 1988 free download
IIR-DISC. 36: Gunther Maier, Peter Weiss, Rationality and Qualitative Choice in an Institutionalist Framework: Will Much 'Cruder and Simpler Arguments' Really Suffice?, 1988 free download
IIR-DISC. 35: Gunther Maier, Uwe Schubert, Environmental Quality And Urban Development: A Simulation Approach, 1987 free download
IIR-DISC. 34: Gunther Maier, Uwe Schubert, Long Run Urban Change: Selected Results From A Simulation Framework, 1987 free download
IIR-DISC. 33: Walter B. Stöhr, The Spatial Dimension of Technology Policy: A Framework for Evaluating the Systematic Effects of Technological Innovation, 1986 free download
IIR-DISC. 32: Franz Tödtling, Betriebliche Reorganisation und regionale Industrie-Entwicklung bei veränderten Rahmenbedingungen 1973-1981 in Österreich, 1986 free download
IIR-DISC. 31: Gunther Maier, Peter Rogerson, Discrete Choice, Optimal Search and Spatial Interaction Models: Some Fundamental Relationships, 1986 free download
IIR-DISC. 30: Peter Weiss, Gunther Maier, Shelby Gerking, The Economic Evaluation of Job Safety. A Methodological Survey and some Estimates for Austria, 1986 free download
IIR-DISC. 29: Gunther Maier, The Impact of Optimal Job Search Models on the Modelling of Migration Behavior, 1986 free download
IIR-DISC. 28: Walter Stöhr, Territorial Innovation Complexes, 1986 free download
IIR-DISC. 27: Gunther Maier, Die Schätzung diskreter Entscheidungsmodelle mit Hilfe der SAS Prozeduren BPROBIT und MNLOGIT, 1985. free download
IIR-DISC. 26: Walter Stöhr, Regional Technological and Institutional Innovation. The CaseTechnological and Institutional Innovation. The Case of the Japanese Technopolis Policy, 1985. free download
IIR-DISC. 25: Ewald Brunner, Uwe Schubert, Labor Demand, Capital Mobility and R&D Investment in a Multiregional Context, 1985. free download
IIR-DISC. 24: Herwig Palme, Peter Hampapa, Regional Differentiation in India's Rural Economy. A Statistical Analysis, 1985 free download
IIR-DISC.23: Gunther Maier, Franz Tödtling, Regionale Arbeitsplatzentwicklung nach Qualifikationsintensität und organisatorischem Status von Betrieben bei veränderten Rahmenbedingungen (1973-1981) in Österreich, 1985  *)
IIR-SEPARATA 22: Jörg Flecker, Luise Gubitzer, Franz Tödtling, Betriebliche Selbstverwaltung und eigenständige Regionalentwicklung am Beispiel der Genossenschaften von Mondragon, 1985
IIR-DISC.21: Walter Stöhr, Industrial Structural Change and Regional Development Strategies. Towards a conceptual framework, 1985 free download
IIR-DISC.20: Gunther Maier, Uwe Schubert, Energy Use, Environmental Quality and Urban Population Change, 1984 free download
IIR-DISC.19: Walter Stöhr, Selective Self-Reliance and Endogenolter Stöhr, Selective Self-Reliance and Endogenous Regional Development - Preconditions and Constraints, 1984 free download
IIR-DISC.18a: Franz Tödtling, Organisatorischer Status von Betrieben und Regionale Innovationsdisparitäten in Österreich, 1983 free download
IIR-DISC.18: Franz Tödtling, Organisational Characteristics of Plants in Core and Peripheral Regions of Austria, 1983 free download
IIR-DISC.17: Walter Stöhr, Changing External Conditions and a Paradigm Shift in Regional Development Strategies?, 1983 free download
IIR-DISC.16: Gunther Maier, Migration Decision with Imperfect Information, 1983 free download
IIR-DISC.15a: Walter Stöhr, Franz Tödtling, Quantitative, qualitative, and structural variables in the evaluation of regional development policies in Western Europe (English version of IIR-DISC.15), 1982 free download
IIR-DISC.15: Walter Stöhr, Franz Tödtling, Quantitative, qualitative und strukturelle Aspekte der Regionalpolitik aus europäischer Sicht, 1982 free download
IIR-DISC.14: Walter Stöhr, Einflüsse der Wirtschafts- und Arbeitsmarktlage auf die räumliche Entwicklung, 1981 free download
IIR-DISC.13: Walter Stöhr, Structural Characteristics of Peripheral Areas and the Relevance of the stock-in-trade Variables of Regional Science, 1981 free download
IIR-DISC.12: Uwe Schubert, Capital mobility and labor demand in urban agglomerations during the suburbanisation process, an econometric approach, 1981 free download
IIR-SEPARATA 11: Walter Stöhr, Evaluation of Some Arguments Against Government Intervention to Influence Territorial Population Distribution, 1981 free download
IIR-SEPARATA 10: Walter Stöhr, D.R.F.Taylor, Development from Above or Below? The Dialectics of Regional Planning in Developing Countries, 1981 free download
IIR-SEPARATA 9: Walter Stöhr, Towards 'Another' Regional Development? In Search of a Strategy of Truly 'Integrated' Regional Development, 1980 free download
IIR-DISC.8: Johann Baumann, Uwe Schubert, Regional Labor Force Participation in Austria, 1980 free download
IIR-DISC.7: Uwe Schubert, Walter Stöhr, Ansätze für eine koordinierte Wirtschaftspolitik in der Länderregion Ost, 1980 free download
IIR-DISC.6: Walter Stöhr, Development from Below: the Bottom-up and Periphery-inward Development Paradigm, 1980 (die Periphery-inward Development Paradigm, 1980 (dieses Papier ist eine weiter entwickelte Version von IIR-DISC.4; this paper is further developed from IIR-DISC.4) free download
IIR-DISC.5: Uwe Schubert, Peter Hampapa, A Simultaneous Model of Regional Investment and Labor Demand, 1979 *)
IIR-DISC.4: Walter Stöhr, Center-down-and-outward Development vs. Periphery-up-and-inward Development: A Comparison of two Paradigms, 1978 free download
IIR-DISC.3: Walter Stöhr, Franz Tödtling, Spatial Equity - Some Anti-Theses to Current Regional Development Doctrine, 1978 free download
IIR-DISC.2: Uwe Schubert, Einkommens- und Beschäftigungsmultiplikatoren öffentlicher Investitionen Wiens auf die Bundesländer, 1977 *)
IIR-DISC.1: Walter Stöhr, Franz Tödtling, Evaluation of Regional Policies: Experiences in Market and Mixed Economies, 1977 *)

Forschungsberichte / Research Reports Price
IIR-FORSCHUNG 13: Franz Tödtling, Regionale Unterschiede und Einflußgrößen der betrieblichen Innovation: Ergebnisse regionaler Fallstudien für Österreich, 1988 free download
IIR-FORSCHUNG 12: Gunther Maier, Eric Sheppard, Franz Tödtling, Economic Restructuring and theanz Tödtling, Economic Restructuring and the Geography of Organizational Control: Austria 1973-1981, 1988 free download
IIR-FORSCHUNG 11: Franz Tödtling, Regionale Unterschiede der Forschungs- und Entwicklungstätigkeit der österreichischen Industrie 1981 und ihre Zusammenhänge mit der regionalen Betriebsstruktur, 1984
IIR-FORSCHUNG 10: Gunther Maier, Franz Tödtling, Betriebs- und Arbeitsmarktentwicklung in österreichischen Regionen in der Periode der Wachstumsverlangsamung, 1984 free download
IIR-FORSCHUNG 9: Gunther Maier, Peter Weiss, The importance of regional factors for the income distribution in Austria, 1981 free download
IIR-FORSCHUNG 8: Hubert Herzog, Konjunkturelle Entwicklung der Nachkriegszeit in Österreich 1950-1980, 1983
IIR-FORSCHUNG 7: Hubert Herzog, Regionalpolitik für periphere wirtschaftsschwache Gebiete in Österreich auf Bundes- und Landesebene, 1955-198O, dargestellt am Fallbeispiel Niederösterreich, 1983 free download
IIR-FORSCHUNG 6: Jörn Kaniak, Die Entwicklung des kommunalen Steueraufkommens in zentralen und peripheren Gebieten Österreichs zwischen 1961-1973, 1983
IIR-FORSCHUNG 5: Jörn Kaniak, Tendenzen der Veränderung zentralörtlicher Strukturen in peripheren Gebieten Österreichs, 1959-1977, 1983
IIR-FORSCHUNG 4: Gunther Maier, Bildungs- und Altersspezifische Migration in Österreich, 1966-1977, 1983
IIR-FORSCHUNG 3: Gunther Maier, Ausgewählte Charakteristika der österreichischen Gebietstypen in Bezug auf Bevölkerung und Wirtschaft, 1971-1981, 1983
IIR-FORSCHUNG 2: Gunther Maier, Regionale Verteilung und zeitliche Entwicklung der Indikatoren des Entwicklungsstandes und des Erreichbarkeitspotentials der österreichischen Bezirke, 1961-1981, 1983
IIR-FORSCHUNG 1: Jörn Kaniak, Theorie und Methode zur Abgrenzung peripherer Gebiete und zur Messung des regionalen Entwicklungsstandes in Österreich, 1961-1973, 1983 free download

*) vergriffen / out of print

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